Status: OPERS

Information about the status of facilities operated by OPERS (East Field House, West Field House, and Boating Center), administrative offices, and OPERS programming will be posted here.

Update — Thursday, April 3

11 am: The OPERS Business Office Front Counter is open to the public and will stay open for regular business hours until 5 pm.

8:05 am: The West Field House Fitness Center is now open.

7:15 am: The East Field House is currently open, the West Field House Fitness Center is closed.

Update — Wednesday, April 2

10:30 am: The East Field House and West Field House are closed for the day. This includes the pool, Wellness Center, West Field House Fitness Studio, and OPERS Business Office.

All Physical Education classes are cancelled.

All Wellness Drop-in Classes are cancelled.

The one exception is that the Master's Swimming program is planned to continue for regular noon and evening swim times.

6:45 am: OPERS is closed this morning.

Phone: 831-459-2531