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  • AÑo Nuevo Natural Reserve AÑo Nuevo Natural Reserve
    Just 30 minutes from UC Santa Cruz, the natural reserve provides world-renowned scientists and aspiring scholars rare marine mammal research opportunities.
  • Learning in UC Santa Cruz's outdoor classrooms Learning in UC Santa Cruz's outdoor classrooms
    Elizabeth Davis (Merrill ’18, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) worked in several outdoor classrooms and those experiences helped her land a job right out of college.
  • Streams of disparity Streams of disparity
    Stream restoration efforts along the coast of Central California are unevenly distributed, with activity more likely to occur in areas that are more highly populated and dominated by residents that are "whiter, wealthier, and more educated."
  • 2018 Global Oceans Hero: Gary Griggs 2018 Global Oceans Hero: Gary Griggs

    Gary Griggs, a distinguished professor of Earth and planetary sciences, received the Global Oceans Hero award honoring his lifetime of achievement.

  • The gift of green The gift of green

    Happy holidays! Enjoy this holiday video from UC Santa Cruz—and help us keep planting the seeds of hope all year long.

  • Impact of Giving: The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz Impact of Giving: The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz

    We raised more than $335 million during the campaign. From classrooms in the wild to connecting the arts and sciences, 63,064 donors came together to change the future of UC Santa Cruz.

  • La Noche de las Estrellas La Noche de las Estrellas
    Lick Observatory hosts La Noche de las Estrellas, a night of astronomy for Latino students and parents marking the observatory's first Spanish language event.
  • Farm and Garden 50th Farm and Garden 50th
    The UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden celebrates its 50th anniversary of shaping the organic food movement through teaching, research and policy innovation.
  • Building a ladder to a cure Building a ladder to a cure
    The Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative aims to be a game-changer in pediatric cancer. Read our full special report on UC Santa Cruz's cancer research.
  • The Art and Science of Giving The Art and Science of Giving
    May you delight in the gifts of the holiday season and treasure the experience of both giving and receiving. Happy holidays from UC Santa Cruz!
  • Rachel Carson College Rachel Carson College
    College Eight at UC Santa Cruz was born embracing environmentalism. Now it has a name befitting that passion: Rachel Carson College.
  • Banana Slugs for Life Banana Slugs for Life
    When UC Santa Cruz students graduate, they join a powerful network of more than 100,000 alumni and become a Banana Slug for life.
  • Hey Siri, Let's Talk. Hey Siri, Let's Talk.
    Jim McCloskey and Pranav Anand, both professors of linguistics at UC Santa Cruz, discuss the engineering problems presented by linguistic theory.
  • Mark Carr Mark Carr
    Professor of marine ecology discusses his research to better understand the structure and dynamics of communities of nearshore marine organisms and their ecosystems.
  • Rising to the challenge Rising to the challenge
    Student Layla Cervantes is defying the statistics and becoming “a great scientist,” in the words of her proud mentor.
  • Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
    May the holidays and New Year shine bright for everyone in the Banana Slug family.
  • 2015 Organization of the Year 2015 Organization of the Year
    The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce celebrates the unique connection between the city and UC Santa Cruz with the 2015 Organization of the Year award.
  • Fiat Fifty Fiat Fifty
    To celebrate 50 years since the founding of UC Santa Cruz, pioneer faculty and staff look back on the early years of the campus.
  • Sea turtles face climate change Sea turtles face climate change

    Science Communication Program alumnus Nsikan Akpan investigates how thousands of sea turtle species are threatened by global warming in the PBS series, The Wild Side of Sea Level Rise.

  • The roots of organic farming The roots of organic farming
    Food activist and journalist Mark Bittman had glowing words for the UC Santa Cruz Farm & Garden in this New York Times video.
  • The biggest wave The biggest wave
    This video simulation of a big tsunami spreading through San Francisco Bay by professor Steven Ward was featured in KQED's Bay Curious series.
  • Research on toxic algal blooms Research on toxic algal blooms
    Ocean scientist Raphael Kudela describes an extensive bloom of toxic algae along the West Coast that first appeared in early May 2015.
  • Business of the Dead Business of the Dead
    As the Grateful Dead's final farewell tour came to an end, UC Santa Cruz archivist Nicholas Meriwether discussed the band’s commercial legacy with Bloomberg.
  • Commencement 2015 Commencement 2015
    Scholars and their supporters gathered for a very special edition of UC Santa Cruz commencement, falling on the year of the campus's 50th anniversary.
  • AIDS Vaccine Research AIDS Vaccine Research
    Phil Berman, professor of biomolecular engineering, outlines research at UC Santa Cruz to develop a vaccine for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
  • Alumni Weekend 2015 Highlight Alumni Weekend 2015 Highlight

    Alumni reconnecting, networking and reliving memories at this magical place. See you next year!

  • Rock the Quarry Rock the Quarry
    Help us return the Quarry to a vibrant hub of campus life and create a performance center for the future.
  • Where does gold come from? Where does gold come from?
    UC Santa Cruz's Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz shares his theory about where gold comes from in the universe. It may have to do with the explosions of supernovae.
  • Audacious and Academic Audacious and Academic
    Fifty years ago–in 1965–UC Santa Cruz began as "the most significant educational experiment in the history of the University of California."
  • Jim Kent: Genome Browser Jim Kent: Genome Browser
    Director Jim Kent explains how the web-based "genome microscope" allows researchers to explore genome sequences and make cross-species comparisons.
  • 50 Years Young 50 Years Young
    UC Santa Cruz turns 50 in 2015. Join us as we celebrate these amazing 50 years. Let's get the party started--turn it up.
  • Honoring the Long Family Honoring the Long Family
    The Long Family and the Joseph and Vera Long Foundation receive the 2014 Fiat Lux Award for their volunteer leadership and generosity to UC Santa Cruz.
  • Bower Bird Bower Bird
    Elisabeth Remak-Honnef explains Daniel Essig's 2009 piece called Bower Bird, a bird-shaped structure with miniature books and miniature scrolls.
  • 2014 Foundation Medal 2014 Foundation Medal
    Toni Morrison receives the 2014 UC Santa Cruz Foundation Medal for her extraordinary vision, literary achievement, and commitment to social justice.
  • Smart collars for Pumas Smart collars for Pumas
    High-tech collars enable scientists to record the energetics of mountain lion behavior, showing why cats use 'stalk and pounce.'
    Professor Josh Stuart discusses groundbreaking pan-cancer research at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute.
    The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems brings locally and sustainably grown food to campus diners.
  • Genome 10K Project Genome 10K Project
    The Genome 10K project intends to assemble a "Noah's Ark" of genomic data to save dying species.
  • Graduate Research Symposium Graduate Research Symposium
    Graduate students share their fascinating research in the form of poster, oral, live or multimedia presentations.
  • Aerial view of commencement Aerial view of commencement
    Congratulations to all of our 2014 graduates! Here is Shon Bollock's unique view of last year's Kresge commencement ceremony.
  • Campus Dedication Campus Dedication
    A commerative slideshow to celebrate 50 years of innovative and original thinking at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Make memories and relive the magic Make memories and relive the magic
    'Likes,' laughs and memories await the returning Banana Slugs during Alumni Weekend 2014.
  • Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
    Pete Raimondi talks about the effort to track the extent and cause of Sea Star Wasting Syndrome and its impacts on sea star populations.
  • Bright flare tells the story of dying star Bright flare tells the story of dying star
    Simulation shows what happens during the destruction of a star as it falls into a black hole.
  • Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship Fund Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship Fund
    This fund has been established to support undergraduate students in the Division of Social Sciences.
  • Geeks conquering cancer Geeks conquering cancer
    "My message today is that cancer is actually a digital disease," says UCSC's David Haussler in this TED-style talk.
  • The Transformational Power of Student-Centered Learning The Transformational Power of Student-Centered Learning
    TED-style talked by History Professor Alan Christy, a 2012 recipient of the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities.
  • Our neighbors the Cooleys Our neighbors the Cooleys
    Don and Diane Cooley, winners of the 2013 Fiat Lux award for their longstanding passion, commitment, and support to UC Santa Cruz.
  • The spirit of UCSC The spirit of UCSC
    Since its founding almost 50 years ago, UCSC has been an incubator for new ways of thinking, learning, and taking action in the world.
  • Make It Happen Make It Happen
    Great moments — beautiful instants, crystallized memories, learning, growth — don't just happen. You make it happen.
  • Seafloor Expedition Seafloor Expedition
    Hydrogeologist Andy Fisher leads an expedition to explore fluid flow and microbial habitats deep within the ocean crust.
  • Commencement 2013 Commencement 2013
    Congratulations, you made it! All our best to the 4,665 UCSC students who officially joined the ranks of triumphant Banana Slugs.
  • Two months breaking ice Two months breaking ice
    UCSC alumna Cassandra Brooks' two month time-lapse video of the Nathaniel B. Palmer icebreaker traveling through the Ross Sea of Antarctica.
  • Talented Duo Talented Duo
    Sean Campbell (College Eight '14) and Casey Dayan (College Eight '14), blew away the crowd at UCSC's Got Talent with their song titled "Mother."
  • Cowell Lime Works Historic District Cowell Lime Works Historic District
    A history and tour of the Cowell Lime Works Historic District at UCSC.
  • The UCSC Carbon Fund The UCSC Carbon Fund
    The student-run Carbon Fund fights waste and encourages green practices across the UCSC campus.
  • Capturing a mountain lion Capturing a mountain lion
    A fascinating look into the process UCSC researchers use to track, capture and collar mountain lions.
  • Reflecting On Our Past. Taking On The Future Reflecting On Our Past. Taking On The Future
    The 10th Annual Scholarship Benefit Dinner celebrates a decade of community achievement and generosity.
  • Sandra Faber: National Medal of Science Sandra Faber: National Medal of Science
    A tribute to astronomer Sandra Faber, awarded a National Medal of Science winner by President Obama on February 1.
  • This is UCSC: Terrie Williams This is UCSC: Terrie Williams
    Marine biologist Terrie Williams talks about her research with marine mammals at Long Marine Lab in a KQED profile.
  • Live Learning at UCSC Live Learning at UCSC
    UCSC students and faculty talk about their experiences at Big Creek Natural Reserves.
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Gordon and Betty Moore
    Gordon and Betty Moore were recently awarded UCSC's Foundation Medal for their philanthropic leadership in support of science and the environment.
  • Shannon Brownlee Shannon Brownlee
    2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner for her groundbreaking research and writing on health care and policy, particularly affordable care.
  • Techonomy 2012: David Haussler on Cancer Research Techonomy 2012: David Haussler on Cancer Research
    David Haussler, Director of the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, speaks about cancer research at Techonomy 2012.
  • Hands-on learning Hands-on learning
    "Today was the first time I've ever been that close to a dolphin" -Sierra Edelson, UCSC undergraduate
  • 50 Years To Save This Species 50 Years To Save This Species
    Onward California follows professor Terrie Williams as she provides students with the hands-on knowledge they need to make a difference.
  • An Incredibly Hostile Universe An Incredibly Hostile Universe
    UC's 'Onward California' follows professor Steve Vogt into the Lick Observatory where he conducts research to find earth-like planets.
  • The Cutting Edge Since 1888 The Cutting Edge Since 1888
    Steve Vogt, Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz, shares how he got his start in astronomy and gives a tour of the Lick Observatory.
  • Field Notes: Dan Costa in Antarctica Field Notes: Dan Costa in Antarctica
    UCSC professor Dan Costa had been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study the winter foraging ecology of Weddell seals in Antarctica.
  • Onward California Stories Onward California Stories
    Across UC, remarkable people are reinventing the California Dream. The Onward California video series celebrates their visionary work.
  • Shakespeare Santa Cruz 2012 Shakespeare Santa Cruz 2012
    Shakespeare Santa Cruz artistic director Marco Barricelli introduces the 2012 summer season and invites you to attend.
  • Orientation 2012 Orientation 2012
    UCSC’s Summer Orientation was attended by 3,585 incoming first-year students and 1,113 transfer students, joined by an additional 3,700 family members.
  • Natural History Field Quarter Natural History Field Quarter
    UCSC's Natural History Field Quarter program celebrated its 40th anniversary in April with a very large group rendition of the Hokey Pokey.
  • Prom Week Prom Week
    Prom Week is a social simulation game developed by a team of students and faculty in the Center for Games and Playable Media.
  • Cancer Genomics Hub Cancer Genomics Hub
    UC Santa Cruz is playing a leading role in the emerging field of "precision" medicine that holds great promise in the fight against cancer.
  • Alumni speak up on thinking Alumni speak up on thinking

    Four alumni describe how their experiences at UC Santa Cruz helped them learn how to think and made them who they are today.

  • Impact of Scholarships Impact of Scholarships

    Isadora Caffe, a senior molecular, cell, and developmental biology major, and others describe how scholarships make a difference.

  • Growing Earth's caretakers Growing Earth's caretakers

    UC Santa Cruz - Arboretum

  • Hands-on learning Hands-on learning
    UC Santa Cruz is proud to provide hands-on, real world experience for undergraduate across a wide range of subject areas.
  • The Importance of Endowments The Importance of Endowments
    The endowment from Deborah Seymour helps support the educational experiences offered by the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.
  • Enduring Gratitude Enduring Gratitude

    Investments of the heart.

  • Open Lab: Art, Science, Technology, and Culture Open Lab: Art, Science, Technology, and Culture

    Artists and scientists collaborate to create new and innovative ways to present scientific research.

    Your generous support for students leads to achievement, satisfaction, pride, and the knowledge that even a small amount can make a big difference. 
  • Steve Vogt Steve Vogt
    The astronomy and astrophysics professor has designed, built, and used high-precision spectrometers to find new worlds outside our solar system during his 33 years with UCSC.
  • Julia Sweig Julia Sweig
    2011 Alumni Achievement Award winner Julia Sweig (Porter ‘86, Latin American studies), is an authority on Latin America and U.S. foreign policy.
  • This is UC Santa Cruz This is UC Santa Cruz
    Discover the magic of UC Santa Cruz—from the majesty of its ocean views and redwood forests to the intellectual electricity that has fueled it since its start.
  • Orientation 2011 Orientation 2011
    3,300 incoming first-year students, 890 transfer students, and a total of 7,300 students and family members, signed up for UCSC’s Summer Orientation events.
  • Expedition to Juan de Fuca Expedition to Juan de Fuca
    Andy Fisher discusses his work as chief scientist on a research expedition this summer to study the seafloor off the coast of Vancouver.
  • Commencement 2011 Commencement 2011
    Take a look at 2011 commencement ceremonies from the perspective of a proud parent.
  • Graduate Research Symposium Graduate Research Symposium
    The 7th annual Graduate Research Symposium gave graduate student researchers a chance to present their achievements to faculty, staff, friends, and colleagues.
  • Day by the Bay 2011 Day by the Bay 2011
    UCSC's annual "Day by the Bay" picnic drew 1,500 alumni, students, faculty, and community members to the Cowell College Courtyard for a sunny day of activities to enjoy.
  • Students giving back Students giving back
    Members of Class Council 2011 are asking graduating students to contribute $20.11 each. Their goal is to raise $10,000 for scholarships for the Class of 2012.
  • UCTV: State of Minds UCTV: State of Minds
    UCTV's "State of Minds" reports on UCSC's groundbreaking research in human evolution from analyzing DNA from Neanderthal bones.
  • Robotics Competition Robotics Competition
    Bullfighting droids face off in a student robotics competition for the final project in the Introduction to Mechatronics class.
  • UCSC Alumni UCSC Alumni
    Alumni Joseph DeRisi, Gary Heit, Teri Jackson, Daniel Roam, and Danielle Soto tell us how their lives were shaped by their experience at UCSC.
  • Actor-Playwright Experience Actor-Playwright Experience
    This winter, UCSC Theater Arts majors and performers had the opportunity to workshop with acclaimed playwright, director, and filmmaker Luis Valdez.
  • Aeroecology Aeroecology
    Environmental studies researcher Winifred F. Frick explains how scientists use weather radar to detect and follow birds, bats, and insects in the atmosphere.
  • Tangroupe Tangroupe
    The members UCSC's student tango troupe work hard at their studies, then relax with the sultry dance that originated in Argentina more than a century ago.
  • Jonathan Fortney Jonathan Fortney
    Jonathan Fortney, a member of the Kepler science team, talks about the discovery of a six-planet system orbiting a Sun-like star and how the Kepler mission is changing planetary science.
  • Paul Whitworth Paul Whitworth
    Theater arts professor Paul Whitworth will deliver the 45th annual UCSC Faculty Research Lecture, Thursday, Feb. 3, at 6 pm in the Mainstage Theater.
  • Faculty & Staff Donor Stories Faculty & Staff Donor Stories
    Various faculty and staff of UC Santa Cruz (current and retired) spent a moment to tell their stories on why they support the campus through giving back.
  • Ed Green Ed Green
    Professor Ed Green explains the discovery of a previously unknown group of human relatives.
  • The Cowell Foundation The Cowell Foundation
    Since 1964, the S. H. Cowell Foundation has made almost $4 million in gifts to UC Santa Cruz.
  • Richard Harris Richard Harris
    Award-winning journalist Richard Harris (Crown '80) was honored with the 2010 Alumni Achievement Award for his reporting on science issues for NPR.
  • Sandra Faber Sandra Faber
    Sandra Faber diagnosed the problems with the Hubble Telescope and along with her team, developed a solution to fix the failure.