Faculty Chairs

Division Chair name Year created Chair holder
Campuswide President's Chair 1983 Susan Strome, Distinguished Professor, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, and Craig Haney, Professor, Psychology
Campuswide MacArthur Foundation Chair 2008 Will return to UCSC in 2020
Arts Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in Art History 1996 Stacy Kamehiro, Associate Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Arts Kamil and Talat Hasan Endowed Chair in Classical Indian Music 2000 Dard Neuman, Associate Professor, Music
Arts Kenneth R. Corday Family Presidential Chair in Writing for Television and Film 2015 Open
Colleges Robert Headley Presidential Chair for Integral Ecology and Environmental Justice 2016 Ronnie Lipschutz, Professor, Politics
Engineering Veritas Presidential Chair in Storage and Security 2014 Ethan Miller, Professor, Computer Engineering
Engineering Narinder Singh Kapany Chair in Optoelectronics 1999 Holger Schmidt, Professor, Electrical Engineering
Engineering Jack Baskin Endowed Chair in Computer Engineering I 1988 Patrick Mantey, Professor, Computer Engineering
Engineering Jack Baskin Chair in Technology Management 2007 John Musacchio, Associate Professor, Technology and Information Management
Engineering Jack Baskin Endowed Chair in Computer Engineering II 2013 J.J. Garcia-Luna, Professor, Computer Engineering
Engineering Jack Baskin Chair in Biomolecular Engineering 2005 Joshua Stuart, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering
Engineering Sage Weil Presidential Chair for Open Source Software 2015 Scott Brandt, Professor, Computer Science and Vice Chancellor for Research
Engineering Baskin Distinguished Professor (1) (2016-2019) 2013 Phokion Kolaitis, Professor, Computer Science
Engineering Baskin Distinguished Professor (2) (2016-2019) 2013 Phillip Berman, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering
Engineering Kumar Malavalli Endowed Chair in Storage Systems Research 2005 Darrell Long, Professor, Computer Science
Graduate Division Narinder Kapany Professor in Entrepreneurship 2016 Sue Carter, Professor, Physics
Humanities Sarbjit Singh Aurora Endowed Chair in Sikh and Punjabi Studies 2007 Nirvikar Singh, Professor of Economics
Humanities Jordan-Stern Presidential Chair for Dickens and 19th Century Literature Studies 2015 John Jordan, Research Professor of Literature and Director, Dickens Project
Humanities Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation Presidential Chair for Feminist Studies 2016 Bettina Aptheker, Professor, Feminist Studies
Humanities Murray Baumgarten Chair in Jewish Studies 2017 Nathaniel Deutsch, Professor, History
Humanities / Social Sciences Neufeld-Levin Holocaust Endowed Chair 1995 Alma Heckman, Assistant Professor, History
Library Richard L. Press University Librarian Presidential Chair 2015 Elizabeth Cowell, UC Santa Cruz Librarian
Physical & Biological Sciences/Engineering Colligan Presidential Chair in Pediatric Genomics 2016 Open
Physical and Biological Sciences Ida Benson Lynn Endowed Chair in Ocean Health 1998 Raphael Kudela, Professor, Ocean Sciences
Physical and Biological Sciences Henry Bachmann Endowed Chair in Astronomical Instrumentation 2000 Claire Max, Astronomer, and Director, UCO/Lick Observatory
Physical and Biological Sciences Jean Langenheim Endowed Chair in Plant Ecology & Evolution 2007 John Thompson, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Physical and Biological Sciences The Faggin Family Presidential Chair for the Physics of Information 2015 Anthony Aguirre, Professor, Physics
Physical and Biological Sciences Wilton W. Webster Jr. Natural Reserves Presidential Chair 2015 Gage Dayton, Administrative Director, Natural Reserves
Physical and Biological Sciences Presidential Chair in Science Communication 2016 Erika Check Hayden, Director, Science Communication
Physical and Biological Sciences E.K. Gunderson Family Chair in Theoretical Astrophysics (2016-2020) 2016 Ruth Murray-Clay, Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
Physical and Biological Sciences Robert L. Sinsheimer Endowed Chair 1987 Harry F. Noller, Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Social Sciences UCSC Foundation Chair in Psychology 1995 Barbara Rogoff, Professor, Psychology
Social Sciences Alfred E. Heller Chair in Agroecology 1982 Stacy Philpott, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Social Sciences Pepper-Giberson Endowed Chair in Environmental Studies 1995 Flora Lu, Professor, Environmental Studies
Social Sciences Olga T. Griswold Endowed Chair in Environmental Studies 2006 Karen Holl, Professor, Environmental Studies
Social Sciences Stephen R. Gliessman Presidential Chair in Water Resources and Food System Sustainability 2015 J. Elliott Campbell, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Social Sciences Dorothy E. Everett Endowed Chair for Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship 2013 Chris Benner, Professor, Sociology