Statement from Chancellor Larive on antisemitic and anti-LGBTQIA+ incidents

The antisemitic and anti-LGBTQIA+ incident that occurred at UC Santa Cruz on April 20th has shocked and disgusted both me and our campus community. These acts are abhorrent and antithetical to our values and commitment to access to higher education. This incident is being addressed through our conduct processes according to our policies and procedures, but I know that no response can undo the harm felt by so many in our community.

When these acts occur, we must condemn them and respond swiftly, but we also must not allow them or those responsible to create division in our community or undermine our values. Antisemitism has no place, here or anywhere. The Jewish community is an integral part of our campus community. Such acts are designed to drown out the good work of so many by the antagonism and hatred of a few.

Faced with this hatred, I call on our broader community to transform our outrage into uplift and to support our Jewish friends, family, and community members today and each day. Rather than allowing hate to have the last word, we can voice together full-throated support for our Jewish community.

- Chancellor Cynthia Larive