Rejecting hate on our campus

To: UCSC Community

From: Dr. Akirah Bradley-Armstrong, Ed.D.,  Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success

This week, we received two separate reports of antisemitism and hate on and near our campus. The first reported incident took place on campus last Thursday, April 20. A group of students reportedly gathered to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday. They sang happy birthday and ate cakes adorned with hateful and horrific symbols. The second reported incident took place in downtown Santa Cruz last Friday. A student found an antisemitic and anti-LGBTQIA+ flyer on their car’s windshield. The flyer included despicable and degrading claims about Jewish people and LGBTQIA+ people.

We unequivocally condemn these – and all – antisemitic and anti-LGBTQIA+ actions. They are at odds with our Principles of Community and, as such, will be addressed accordingly. The on-campus incident has been referred to student conduct for follow up and adjudication. Likewise, we are reaching out to Santa Cruz city officials to ask for their support and collaboration to address the concerning flyers reported downtown. These disturbing incidents follow a national trend of increased antisemitic rhetoric and violence. Whatever the purpose and wherever they take place, we reject any and all acts of antisemitism. Our Jewish community members and our LGBTQIA+ community members are an integral part of our Banana Slug family, and we stand with them against all such acts of hate.

White supremacy has no place at UC Santa Cruz. Nor does any action intended to degrade, dehumanize, or intimidate another based on identity. We will not tolerate such vitriol; nor will we abide the fear and terror it intends to inspire. United by our shared sense of humanity, we must strive to be a welcoming place for all people. Together, we must continue to reject all expressions of hate.

Incidents like this can be painful and cause increased worry, fear, and anger. We encourage our community to reach out for support. In addition to support services offered by staff in our colleges and resource centers, Counseling and Psychological Services provides assistance for students. For employees, the Employee Assistance Program can provide counseling and support. All community members are encouraged to report incidents of hate or bias.

In community,

Dr. Akirah Bradley-Armstrong, Ed.D. 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Success