Statement on recent disruptions

Eight people were arrested Monday night on suspicion of trespassing after four entered a locked university building that is permanently closed because of seismic and other building code deficiencies. Four of the eight face an additional charge of refusing a directive to disperse.

Earlier in the day, UC Santa Cruz also prevented demonstrators from trying to re-establish encampments on campus. Later on, individuals on bikes dumped paint at the intersection of Bay and High streets.

These actions come after additional incidents last week. Demonstrators again tried to disrupt operations at teaching and research buildings; they interrupted an event honoring students; and they shouted through megaphones at university volunteers and supporters attending an off-campus event.

We are deeply disappointed to see demonstrators trying to create more disruptions that will unnecessarily get in the way of our mission to teach students, conduct research, and ultimately serve California. These actions are a drain on university resources and additional work for employees who would otherwise be focused on moving the campus forward.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our highest priority.