UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Coastal Climate Resilience partners with BIMS to incorporate perspectives from Black marine scientists

Officials from CCCR and BIMS.
From left to right: CCCR director Mike Beck; CCCR fellow Ando Rabearisoa; CCCR research fellow and ambassador at large for the Garifuna nation in Belize, Cynthia Ellis Topsey; and BIMS CEO Tiara Moore.

Today, UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Coastal Climate Resilience (CCCR) and Black in Marine Science (BIMS) announce a formal partnership to meet shared aims to expand opportunities for Black scholars, particularly for understanding risks to coastal communities from climate change and identifying solutions that reduce these risks. 

BIMS is a nonprofit organization that celebrates Black marine scientists, spreads environmental awareness, and inspires the next generation of scientific thought leaders. BIMS’s goal is to increase diversity in marine science while providing a place to uphold the excellent Black scientists already in the field. 

CCCR is dedicated to advancing innovative solutions for building coastal resilience that engage partners, foster leaders, and address the challenges from climate change in California and beyond. The partnership with BIMS aims to expand the center’s reach and broaden its perspectives to provide more equitable, transformative climate solutions. 

“The risks from climate change are growing, and these have disproportionate impacts on underserved communities of color. We are working to identify solutions that reduce these risks and that demand greater engagement with and opportunities for black marine scientists and communities,” said CCCR director Mike Beck. 

The new partnership includes support for a shared graduate scientist and engagement with the UCSC Teaching and Learning Center to create communications materials focused on coastal climate risk, content for the BIMS TV channel to increase environmental literacy in impacted communities, and educational materials on nature-based solutions for broad audiences. The partnership also includes collaborative work with UCSC’s California Environmental DNA (Cal-eDNA) lab to expand the use of their eDNA Explorer, a powerful tool established to unite eDNA projects across the globe, and support of BIMS Week in December 2024. 

“BIMS is dedicated to highlighting and amplifying Black voices while inspiring younger generations. We share with UC Santa Cruz a mutual desire to increase environmental awareness and expand the work and opportunities for Black scholars. This novel alliance will allow us to create scientific research and communication opportunities for historically excluded communities in California and beyond,” said Tiara Moore, founder and CEO of BIMS.