Campus to adopt virtual parking permits

To: UCSC Community

From: Transportation and Parking Services

In the coming months, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) will begin the transition to a virtual permitting system for campus parking. With virtual permitting, TAPS will no longer issue physical parking permits in most situations. Instead, you will register your vehicle and license plate number when purchasing your permits. Your registered license plate will act as your parking permit through Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR). Eligible affiliates will be able to purchase and/or renew both long-term and daily permits through this system.

We anticipate that this new technology will have many benefits for all affiliates including:

  • Making parking on campus easier and more efficient. 
  • Eliminating the need to display physical permits or move permits from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Increasing cost effectiveness with the reduction of printed permits and postage fees.
  • Eliminating lost or stolen permits and their associated replacement fees, processing times, and police reports.
  • Reducing plastic and paper waste from physical permits.
  • No more waiting in line or worrying your permit could get lost in the mail.
  • No more citations due to permits being improperly displayed or falling off your rearview mirror.
  • Helping to meet campus sustainability goals by optimizing campus parking.

When to Expect Changes
Beginning in June, employees and students who purchase parking permits will be able to register their vehicle and license plate in order to renew, and purchase new, parking permits. 

Grad Students & Employees seeking new Annual permits or who possess annual permits that expire on 6/30/2024 may set up an account and apply for your new permits beginning June 12, 2024.

Employees applying for new multi-year permits beginning 7/1/2024 who wish to pay via payroll deduction must apply during the following dates:
Employees paid biweekly: June 12-24, 2024
Employees paid monthly: June 22-July 23, 2024

Employees with multi-year permits expiring 6/30/2025 may set up an account beginning June 12, 2024; Your payroll deductions will automatically be transferred to the new system, BUT you must set up your account in order for us to link your deductions. 

Eligible undergrads may begin applying for permits on August 26, 2024.

Have Questions? TAPS is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. There are several ways to contact us regarding virtual permits in the coming weeks.
  1. Visit the TAPS Website for more information and a list of FAQs
  2. Submit a question via our inquiry form
  3. Drop in to our Virtual Office Hours on Fridays in May from 9 a.m. to Noon
  4. Drop by one of our in-person tablings.
    1. Tuesday May 21st, 8 a.m.-noon at Lot 161/162
    2. Wednesday May 22nd, noon-4 p.m. at East Remote Parking Lot
    3. Thursday May 23rd, noon-4 p.m. at John R. Lewis College
    4. Tuesday May 28th, 8 a.m.-noon at McLaughlin & Heller
    5. Wednesday May 29th, noon-4 p.m. at Lot 161/162
    6. Thursday May 30th, noon-4-p.m. at East Remote Parking Lot
  5. Schedule a virtual presentation for your student group or residence
  6. Email us directly at