Update about campus disruptions

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Chancellor Cynthia Larive and Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer

Dear Campus Community,

Today, some students and employees blocked both roads on campus and the campus entrance, preventing access to campus and requiring transition to remote work and learning. In anticipation of additional disruption and after consultation with the Academic Senate, we have made the difficult decision to transition to remote instruction for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as well. Employees who are required to work in person should consult with their managers and those who are able to work remotely are encouraged to do so.

The initial disruption to campus roads early this morning was caused by a small group that appeared to be students who left the road when directed to do so by campus police. Today also marked the first day of a strike called by the UAW with demands similar to those we have seen from encampments across the UC system. While the systemwide strike is not based on any action that occurred at UC Santa Cruz, UAW leaders called for the action to start at our campus. There was extensive labor activity at the main entrance of campus today. These groups appeared to come together and blocked the public road adjacent to campus for a significant period of time today.

The University of California Office of the President, which negotiates and approves most labor contracts for all of the UC campuses, views this labor work stoppage as unlawful and in violation of the terms of the collective bargaining agreements between the parties. The collective bargaining agreements prohibit strikes, work stoppages, and any other concerted activities that interfere directly or indirectly with university operations during the life of the current collective bargaining agreements.

The encampment that was previously in the Quarry Plaza has moved to an area near the Barn Theater adjacent to the busy intersection at the entrance of our campus. We have directed those at the encampment to disband this second unlawful encampment. Failure to do so may result in discipline.

As a community, we rely on one another to promote the safety and inclusion of others. Blocking the main entrance of our campus hurts our most vulnerable community members, limiting access to those who receive medical care, childcare, and food on our campus and excluding those without the ability to walk or bike up the hill. Lawful labor activity does not include road blockages. Free speech is the right of everyone on our campus, but again, that right does not include the ability to block the road. Blocking access to the campus or roadways may also result in disciplinary action.

Though we will be providing remote instruction on Tuesday and Wednesday, core operations on our campus are expected to continue. Dining halls opened on schedule today and have remained open. The Student Health Center is open, and both campus libraries are open. Campus transit is operating modified loop service at this time, and is prioritizing disability van service. When there is picketing at the base of campus, Metro buses do not enter the residential campus, and instead drop riders off near the base of campus, then return to their regular routes.

We understand that changes to work and class schedules can be extremely frustrating for everyone involved. We are undertaking these changes to support the safety of all in our campus community. And at the same time we are taking the necessary actions to address any violations of conduct, policies and laws.


Cindy and Lori


Cynthia Larive

Lori Kletzer
Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor