Slugcast rewind: Listen to episodes from the week of May 6

Hosted out of the Student Affairs and Success divisional office, Slugcast is the official UCSC podcast. Slugcasters are made up of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about life as a banana slug. From news to engaging stories, Slugcast is a way for students to learn more about campus resources, services, and student experiences no matter where they are. Recent episodes have shared insights and information about Redwood Free Market, Cowell Coffee Shop, The Humanities Institute, Baskin Engineering Clubs and Slugwords and more - so much more! 

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May 10: Desi Telescope Project

Xochitl dives into the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) and has helped us understand the universe's growth!

May 8: What's That Sound? History of Electronic Music at UCSC

Near the fields south of the arts complex, sine and saw waves can be heard emanating from a low brick room at the end of the music department. This is the electronic music studio where students learn how to express themselves through the art of audio synthesis and music production. This is the story of this niche part of Santa Cruz's arts education.

May 6: Interview with UCSC's University Archivist

David shares a conversation with our very own University Archivist Kelsey Knox. Didn't know we had a University Archivist? This is the perfect episode to learn all about the posisiton and how Kelsey approaches the unique history of UCSC.