Remote instruction on Thursday, Friday

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Chancellor Cynthia Larive and Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer

Dear Campus Community,

In the interest of providing clarity and as much predictability as possible, we have decided to continue with remote instruction for Thursday and Friday, May 23 and 24. We have done so talking collaboratively with Academic Senate leadership. This decision was made in full recognition of the impact on many aspects of instruction, particularly labs and studios, and also plans for examinations.

The protest disruptions at and inside our main and west entrances Monday drove our decision to switch to remote instruction, first for Monday and subsequently for Tuesday and Wednesday. We had no plans based on any announced actions to switch to remote prior to the actual blockage of the road and entrances.

Exceptions to remote instruction are for:

  • Classes held entirely online.
  • Classes held at the Coastal Science campus and Silicon Valley Campus.
  • Previously arranged field classes

Most academic buildings will remain locked for the remainder of this week. The libraries are open for their scheduled hours.

The Teaching and Learning Center has resources available for instructional continuity in a wide range of circumstances and has prepared new resources specific to labor actions.

Instructors are encouraged to communicate directly with their students to let them know the alternate arrangements for classes, such as remote instruction or rescheduling. Students are encouraged to look for emails from their instructors with guidance for their courses. Instructors and students should contact the Disability Resource Center for support and assistance with accessibility needs.

Employees should check with their managers and supervisors to determine whether they need to be onsite.

Our operations continue as scheduled at our other sites and campuses.

More information about campus services and real-time updates are available at

We will provide guidance about instruction and campus operations for next week by Friday May 24. We appreciate your patience and resilience during this difficult time.


Cindy and Lori


Cynthia Larive

Lori Kletzer
Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor