The UCSC Arts Division presents Los Mejicas annual Spring show ‘Grupo Folklorico’

An exploration into traditional dances of Mexico

As one of the oldest organizations on campus, Los Mejicas has over half a century of bringing people together to celebrate their Mexican heritage. Their upcoming annual spring show, which marks the 52nd anniversary of the groups existence, celebrates traditional dance forms from six different regions in Mexico. 

While more traditional forms of Grupo Folklorico solely showcase dance, Los Mejicas upcoming performance will weave the six dance forms through storytelling. The show follows two siblings Sol and Valentin. Sol, in her final year at UCSC, reflects on her hardships and personal growth which becomes a source of inspiration for Valentin when deciding which college to attend the following year. This story of sibling love shares a lesson that will resonates Mejicas members and audiences that distance can't diminish the love and support of family. “It shows the dynamics of Mexican households, Mexican American siblings, and how they interact with one another,” says Shirley Delgadillo, one of the co-directors for the performance.

Delgadillo and her co-director Liliana Castro both joined Los Mejicas their sophomore year in 2022. “I went to a predominantly white high school so I didn't really have a lot of people of my same culture around,” says Castro. “I joined Los Mejicas both to learn about my culture and to find community.” 

Delgadillo shared similar sentiments saying “I went there and felt the energy of the room and like the sense of community. It really impacted me and it felt like a space that I could belong in and I could form friendships in.” The sense of community was welcome for everyone given the two previous years people were separated due to COVID. 

After joining Delgadillo and Castro found connection not only because of their heritages, but they also discovered they grew up 10 minutes away from each other in Los Angeles. Both started in Los Mejicas as regular members and each year took on more responsibilities in the club. “Los Mejicas is a really tight knit community and during the spring show you can really see that,” says Delgadillo.

Before the show starts there will be a reception, La Placita, with refreshments and merchandise available starting at 6:30 p.m. There will be traditional Mexican foods including Aguas frescas and pan dulce. According to Castro this event is “a time for all of us to just dance together in community and showcase what we've learned at UCSC.”

More Information

May 31, 2024 & June 1, 2024

7:30 PM both nights

La Placita

May 31 & June 1

6:30 PM

Theater Arts Mainstage at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Tickets Available on Eventbrite

Lot 126 is the closest parking lot to the event

Parking is by UCSC permit, Park Mobile, or pay $5 cash/credit to the on-site parking attendant in Lot 126

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