SlugSafe: Campus Transit is operating modified routes

Campus Transit is currently operating modified Loops and Upper Campus routes, and will continue to serve the Village stops in both directions as well as the interior of East Remote. East Field House and Quarry stops will not be served while Hagar Drive is blocked, nor will East Remote stops on Hagar.

In addition to continuing to serve all other regular stops, Campus Transit modified routing will include service at a temporary stop on eastbound McLaughlin at Hagar Drive (at the top of the Quarry stairs) for picking up and dropping off passengers, provided it is safe to do so.

METRO will bypass Hagar completely during this time, instead using Coolidge in both directions. This will result in the suspension of METRO service at Quarry, East Field House, East Remote and Village. METRO will pick up and drop off eastbound passengers at McLaughlin and Hagar, provided it is safe to do so.

Please refer to the campus map for other stops around campus.

The Disability Van Service and Safe Ride will continue to serve all areas of campus to the extent feasible.

All transit passengers should expect delays during this closure.


The East Remote Parking Lot will remain open and accessible from the south only. The following Parking Lots will not be accessible until further notice:

Lot 103A (East Field House)
Lot 103B (Athletics and Recreation)
Lot 163 (Cowell Provost)
Lot 101 (Hahn)
Lot 102 (Quarry)

Additional impacts

Steinhart Way between McHenry and Hagar will be restricted, please use alternate routes.

The blockage of Hagar Drive may increase traffic and congestion on other campus roads, particularly Coolidge Drive and Heller Drive. Members of the campus community should anticipate potential delays.