Spring Give 2024 amplifies student success

With a record number of project teams, Spring Give wraps up on a high note

UC Santa Cruz’s Spring Give—a 10-day long fundraising campaign—wraps up with over $150,000 raised, 86 campus organizations supported, and over 2,000 donors. 

The third annual Spring Give saw more than double the number of project team participation and triple the number of donors compared to last year. 

“Thank you to the UCSC community for coming together to support our amazing project teams,” said Spring Give and Giving Day organizer Jenna Hurley. “The purpose of these programs—Spring Give and Giving Day—is to support our students and give them the tools to succeed in every aspect of their education, and we were able to do just that.” 

Projects like the UCSC Swimming and Diving finished the Spring Give with significant challenge wins. These challenges come with monetary incentives for the teams with the most donors within a specified time frame. For the UCSC Swimming and Diving team, whose initial goal was to raise $10,000, three challenge wins meant a $5,000 boost. They ended the week-long fundraising event with $16,803 raised, the highest total of any project team.

“We want to send a massive thank you to all who supported our program,” said UCSC Swimming and Diving Head Coach Matt Crawford. “Fundraising is an integral piece to our day to day operations and without the support of alumni, parents, and everyone else who generously gave to our program, we couldn't run our program the way we do.”

By surpassing their goal, UCSC Swimming and Diving will be able to buy the equipment they had hoped for in addition to a few other things that will greatly benefit the program. One such tool is power towers, a more sophisticated training tool that allows swimmers to develop event-specific speed. Crawford said having more of these will allow students to train at a higher level in a more efficient manner.

The UCSC Swimming and Diving team is just one of 83 Spring Give project teams that received support from generous students, alumni, friends, family, and donors. If you are interested in supporting a project, it’s not too late! Check out the Spring Give site to find an area on campus that you’re passionate about.

“The Spring Give showcases the immense impact we can achieve when we unite in support of our students' aspirations,” Hurley said. “This outpouring of generosity fuels our projects and empowers our students—propelling UC Santa Cruz toward a brighter future.”