May 11 is "Clean Up Day" throughout Santa Cruz County

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in Santa Cruz County “Clean Up Day” on May 11. Organized by Trash Talkers, the goal is to make Santa Cruz County the cleanest county in the state. is inviting anyone interested in being part of the All County Clean-up Day to sign up. 

Trash Talkers is a consortium composed of federal, state, and local government leaders, county and city leaders, as well as departments at the state, county and city coming together to fulfill the mission to make Santa Cruz County the cleanest county in the state. 

Community organizations, schools and companies are signing up to be part of the Cleanup Day on May 11, and you can join them, or create your own group to be part of the initiative. The Good Neighbor Initiative staff are coordinating with student groups to be part of the cleanup, and leaders working with students have been notified of this event.


Join a group: 

  • Go to pitchin, take a look at who is already coordinating a clean up, and add your name to the group. You will see some groups will be cleaning up on May 10 as well as May 11, offering options. 
  • Be sure to sign all of the appropriate paperwork when you arrive.

Create a Cleanup Group: 

  • Coordinate a clean up with your team, family or friends. Clean up efforts are needed in mid- and north-county locations. 
  • Go to and register your group, identify where you will be cleaning, what time, and who is the head person leading in the coordination efforts. 
  • Read through the materials, as it will be helpful for the sanitation department to know there will be additional bags to pick up where you are.


  • If you choose to conduct a beach clean up, be sure to check in with Save Our Shores, as they are aware of the many beach clean ups taking place, and can provide additional information.

What to do the day of the event

  • Check with folks and take photos of the team and area you have cleaned up. 
  • Indicate how many bags of trash you have filled, which will be added to the database collecting the information.
  • Thank the folks involved in the cleanup. 

What you can do after the event

  • Become a Trash Talker.
  • Join the Coalition and learn more about what is taking place to make Santa Cruz County the most beautiful county in the state. 
  • Trash Talkers meet by Zoom monthly on the last Thursday of each month from 4-5p. 
  • Coordinate a cleanup day at any time. Register at so the database can be kept up to date