Deadline to register to vote in March primary is Feb. 20

February 20 is the deadline to update your registration online to vote in the March 5 California Primary Election. 

This spring and fall, our campus and broader community has the chance to vote for President and state and local officials who make important decisions that impact our future. Make sure your voice is heard by voting in these critical elections. But first - everyone needs to register.  While same-day registration is now available at polling locations on March 5, registering online can save you time and also ensure you can get your ballot in the mail to review, have extra time to research the issues, and vote early. 

Please take five minutes and REGISTER HERE!

If you need to register for the first time or you moved since you last registered, you can update your registration right here

Voting Resources: Check your voter registration status and find out more about upcoming elections, including how to vote safely by mail. If you have moved back home you need to update your address.

Did you know? In 2020, 79% of eligible UCSC students voted in the elections. Everyone’s voice matters, so let’s raise that even higher this year!