UC Santa Cruz Summer Session offers exclusive tuition discount to California Community College students

UC Santa Cruz Summer Session is launching a new 50% per-credit Summer Session tuition discount exclusively for California Community College students.

UC Santa Cruz is expanding access like never before, offering a unique opportunity during the Summer Session. Ahead of visiting student registration opening on April 1, the Division of Undergraduate Education announced that the Chancellor has approved a new 50% per-credit summer discount exclusively for California Community College (CCC) students. 

This initiative aims to encourage and broaden access for California Community College students aspiring to earn UC credits.

The introduction of a new CCC discount is a pivotal step towards enhancing affordability and accessibility for students on their journey to transfer to a UC campus. By making UC Santa Cruz courses more financially accessible, we hope to empower CCC students and facilitate a smoother transition to their academic goals.

"We believe that education should be inclusive and accessible to all, and our Summer Session is a prime opportunity for students to experience the quality of a UC Santa Cruz education," said Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education and Global Engagement. "The introduction of this tuition discount underscores our commitment to fostering educational opportunities and facilitating seamless transitions for transfer students preparing to embark on their UC journey."

The tuition discount is a testament to UC Santa Cruz's dedication to breaking down barriers, fostering diversity, and enriching the educational landscape. 

Learn more about Summer Session and course offerings at summer.ucsc.edu.