Space Management Policy Update

The University Space Committee (USC) seeks campus input on the recently proposed updated Space Management Policy. All campus community members are invited to provide feedback directly through this Google Form.

Established by Chancellor Larive in 2022, the University Space Committee serves as a forum providing advice and recommendations regarding campus space planning, allocations, assignment and reassignment. All campus spaces, including the residential campus, Westside Research Park, Coastal Science Campus, Scotts Valley Center, Silicon Valley Campus, and MBEST Center are the property of the Board of Regents and are managed by the chancellor.

The chancellor has the overall responsibility for the equitable and optimum use of space resources and final decision authority for the planning, allocation, assignment, and reassignment of all spaces.

“In its advisory role to the chancellor, the University Space Committee plays a vital role in ensuring all space standards and management activities are transparent and disclosed to the campus community, and that the allocations serve the mission and goals of the university,” said Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC) Lori Kletzer. 

The CP/EVC and Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations and Administration Ed Reiskin are co-chairs of the space committee. Members include faculty and staff with expertise in varying areas of space and a student representative. Most serve one- or two-year terms, which run an academic year. More information on the makeup of the University Space Committee is available on the committee’s website.

Advice and recommendations from the committee include: 

  • Review unit space requests 
  • Re-evaluate space usage
  • Re-assignment of space 

The simplified process to request or release space is available on the Capital Planning and Space Management website. The Space Committee reviews requests and other related information and makes a recommendation to the chancellor, who makes the final decision on the allocation.

The University Space Management Policy review period will conclude on March 8, 2024. The final, updated policy will be shared on March 11, 2024 on the Administrative Policy website.