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Hosted out of the Student Affairs and Success divisional office, Slugcast is the official UCSC podcast. Slugcasters are made up of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about life as a banana slug. From news to engaging stories, Slugcast is a way for students to learn more about campus resources, services, and student experiences no matter where they are. Recent episodes have shared insights and information about Redwood Free Market, Cowell Coffee Shop, The Humanities Institute, Baskin Engineering Clubs and Slugwords and more - so much more! 

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2/5 Internships & Competitions for UCSC Students

Join us in this insightful episode of Slugcast, hosted by Joey. Delve into the exciting world of internships and competitions tailored for UCSC students, showcasing a range of opportunities that span from innovative IT projects to policy internships.

2/6 Porter College (Bonus Episode)

 Ever wonder what's going on at Porter College? Let's find out! Today Mia interviews Porter affiliates and goes through everything you need to know about Porter!

2/7 Roadmap to Graduation

Graduation is one of the most important events for many undergrad students so let's make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Join Jeremy as he talks about everything you need to know if you're graduating in the 2023-2024 academic year!


2/9 Science Weekly 7

Hey Slugs! Join Maia in this short but interesting episode of Science Weekly where she talks about an impressive biotech innovation!!

2/12 The NSA's "Research Experiences for Undergraduates"

This short episode will give you the basic information about “Research Experiences for Undergraduates”, a creation of the National Science Foundation.  These programs are highly recommended to undergrads looking to dive into research.  Applications for summer programs are soon, so take a quick listen to see if you want to apply.