Office of Equity and Equal Protection announces new systemwide anti-discrimination policy

The Office of Equity and Equal Protection (EEP) is pleased to announce the issuance of a new systemwide policy on Anti–Discrimination. The University College of the President, after extensive consultation with stakeholders on each of the UC’s 10 campuses, has created a policy and procedural framework that will offer enhanced protection, support, and resources to the entire UC Santa Cruz community.

The new policy, Anti–Discrimination, will be issued systemwide on February 20, 2024. In adopting this policy, the University system and UC Santa Cruz will provide extensive procedural benefits to the UC and Santa Cruz communities while remaining in alignment with the evolving safeguards in federal and California state discrimination, harassment, and retaliation laws. 

The expansive policy includes updated provisions for UC Santa Cruz’s, and designates EEP as the centralized campus office empowered to receive and respond to any reports of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that may affect our community. This centralization should ensure that incidents of discriminatory treatment are addressed in a knowledgeable, efficient, and consistent manner. The policy also echoes EEP’s stated vision of providing education and outreach to promote cooperative understanding of antidiscrimination work, and to cultivate an environment that is welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to all.

You will find local, UC Santa Cruz-specific guidelines for implementing the new policy here, at EEP's website. As of February 20, all reports of discrimination and harassment based on protected categories should be submitted to EEP. This includes reports involving students, staff, faculty, and third parties. As of February 20, all reports of discrimination and harassment based on protected categories should be submitted to EEP. You can use the reporting form at, or email EEP directly at While the new policy requires all managers and supervisors to report prohibited conduct, all University community members, including students, staff, faculty, and participants in University affiliated programs, are encouraged to report incidents of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation to EEP.

This policy and its related frameworks are a positive step toward developing and sustaining UC Santa Cruz’s commitment to “Leading the Change”.

Please contact EEP ( with any questions about applying or implementing the Anti–Discrimination policy, and please be on the lookout for related programs exploring the new policy’s coverage, protections, and obligations upcoming from EEP.