Preparing the next generation of doctors

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus debuts premier Premed Postbaccalaureate Program

The University of California, Santa Cruz, an institution renowned for innovation, social justice, and sustainability, announces a unique Premed Postbaccalaureate Program focused on bridging looming healthcare gaps in California.

This program supports the post-grad student seeking to boost their GPA in science courses, prepare for the MCAT, complete their medical school application, and better understand their career options. 

“Through new regional collaborations, customized study plans, and rigorous University of California instruction, we will be infusing the landscape with a new generation of medical school applicants,” said P.K. Agarwal, dean of UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension. 

According to a UC San Francisco research report regarding the primary care workforce, “​​California will likely face a statewide shortfall of clinicians in the next 15 years. Some regions may face greater shortages than others because providers are not evenly distributed across all regions of the state. We are profoundly concerned that healthcare access is critically limited by shortages in the system and believe that our program will directly serve students coming from some of the most disadvantaged communities along the Central Coast of California.” 

Highlights of the the UCSC Premed Postbacc Program

UC Science Courses

Students can enroll in University of California courses, ensuring a solid educational foundation recognized for excellence and rigor.

Discounted MCAT Preparation Course

Students can benefit from a highly discounted Medical College Admission Test study program through Kaplan. They will gain the skills and knowledge to excel in this pivotal exam.

Specialization Program

Students exploring options, trends, and cultural issues in the field can pursue a multi-course Premed Postbacc specialization which provides a mix of science courses and workshops that provide profound insights into the challenges facing healthcare and essential skills for medical school and a successful career.

“This premed program underscores UC Santa Cruz's unwavering commitment to supporting both aspiring medical professionals and the regions surrounding Silicon Valley and Central Valley,” Dean Agarwal said. “This program reflects our dedication to ensuring accessible, world-class education and resources for individuals pursuing a career in medicine.”

Call to Action: Students and Healthcare Community Partners

UC Santa Cruz is here for students interested in switching careers, enhancing med school qualifications, and guidance through their journey. Note: A significant portion of this program is available remotely.