Resources for academics experiencing online harassment

To: Faculty and Graduate Students

From: Lori Kletzer, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Dear Faculty and Graduate Students, 

Over the past few years, members of the academic community have been increasingly targeted online for their expressions, inquiries, research and teaching. The harassment, which includes trolling, doxing and cyberbullying, is meant to intimidate and silence them. It can also result in individuals censoring themselves.

Though often short in duration, these incidents can be intense and also have consequences for careers and livelihoods, as well as one’s health and safety. I write today to share a new campus guide that provides information on potential steps that can be taken to prepare for and mitigate targeted online harassment and resources to support those targeted and department administrators in navigating these situations safely. 

As Cindy and I wrote in a campus message on October 30, academic freedom and freedom of expression are foundational values of the university. UC Santa Cruz is committed to vigorously defending the right of our academic community to discuss and publish their ideas and also to their personal safety.


Lori Kletzer
Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor