Campus + Community Center conducting survey about community-engaged scholarship

UC Santa Cruz’s Campus + Community Center (C+C) is conducting a survey of faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs to understand the needs of current and future community-engaged projects and to document and celebrate previous community-based work. 

Community-engaged work can be scholarship, research, or teaching across disciplines, from archival work to social entrepreneurship, teaching, service learning, and other ways of interacting with the community. The survey will ask participants to list such projects that they’ve worked on in the past five years, or since they arrived at UCSC, whichever is shorter. Participants will have the ability to go back to previous questions to add information at any time. 

The survey will be emailed directly to participants next week and will be open for responses through the end of the quarter.  

About the Campus + Community Center

C+C is a hub for coordinating and promoting community-engaged scholarship at UC Santa Cruz, including research, teaching, and other scholarly activities conducted in collaboration with community-based organizations, community members, and/or local government agencies. C+C is housed in the Institute for Social Transformation and is working campuswide to develop future targeted community-engaged research and experiential learning opportunities as well as demonstrate effective collaboration to the broader community.