Valère Lambert is the 2023 Keiiti Aki Early Career Award Recipient

Valère Lambert was announced as AGU’s 2023 Keiiti Aki Early Career Award recipient. The Aki Award is among the highest honors made to an early career seismologist.

AGU, the world’s largest Earth and space science association, annually recognizes only one early career scientist with this award in recognition of their scientific accomplishments in the field of seismology.

Lambert is recognized by the seismology section for his fundamental theoretical advances. Through an elegant blending of numerical, analytical, and observational approaches he has shown that the largest earthquakes on the planet are likely operating at low stresses.

Collaborator UC Santa Cruz Professor Emily Brodsky remarks that Assoc. Researcher Lambert “is the rare breed of theorist with a deep understanding of the important questions in the observations and complex data of earthquake science.”

Honorees will be recognized at AGU23, which will convene more than 25,000 attendees from over 100 countries in San Francisco and online everywhere on 11-15 December 2023. This celebration is a chance for AGU’s community to recognize the outstanding work of our colleagues and be inspired by their accomplishments and stories.


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