Mitigating potential UPS strike impacts

Contract negotiations between the United Parcel Service (UPS) and the Teamsters are at risk of stalling, potentially leading to a company-wide strike commencing on August 1, 2023. A tentative deal between UPS and the union was reached today, decreasing the likelihood of a strike.

However, in the event that a strike does happen and there is a need to mitigate potential disruptions in receiving vital goods, UC Santa Cruz departments should consider exploring alternative delivery services or postponing purchases if UPS remains the sole supplier option.

In the event of a strike, all suppliers will be transitioning to alternate carriers, resulting in anticipated delays. To alleviate strain on these delivery services, staff should restrict purchases to essential items only.

In late 2022 some UPS locations refused to cross picket lines in sympathy with striking union employees. The decision to cross or not cross picket lines was made by each UPS sub-station and many behind the scenes delivery operations were not impacted. In contrast, this would be a UPS-wide strike and all packages would stop where they were until the end of the strike.