Important information about the California Whistleblower Protection Act

Cover of whistleblower brochure
The 2023 brochure about the Whistleblower Program is available online.

The University of California is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in the fulfillment of its education, research, public service and patient care mission. Every employee at the University plays a role in maintaining our ethical standards. The University’s Whistleblower Policy provides multiple avenues for employees to bring forward concerns of potential employee misconduct. The University encourages faculty and staff to report concerns about possible improper governmental activity directly to their supervisor, department head, Locally Designated Official (LDO) or other appropriate university offices or officials, or to make reports through the whistleblower hotline (800-403-4744).

The systemwide whistleblower hotline is independently-operated to receive calls or web-based reporting from faculty, staff, students or members of the public. The hotline allows for anonymous reporting, forwarding reported concerns to appropriate University officials for processing. This hotline is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours per day and is capable of receiving reports in a number of different languages.

For more information about the whistleblower process, please visit the UC Whistleblower website and keep an eye out for posters displayed in various employee areas that outline reporting channels. Additionally, the University's whistleblower poster highlights other avenues for reporting improper governmental activity, such as the California State Auditor and the California Attorney General.

The California Government Code requires every state agency, including the University of California, to annually distribute to its employees a message from the California State Auditor that provides an explanation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act. The 2023 brochure is available online.

Our collective goal is to ensure that the University of California remains a highly ethical institution, adhering to our internal policies as well as external regulations and laws. Together, we can continue to foster an environment of integrity and uphold the principles that define our institution.