New annual testing program to verify our water quality

Person filling glass with water

Dear Campus Community,

In an effort to promote openness related to our drinking water and provide assurance that it continues to meet or exceed state and federal quality standards, I am pleased to share that we will begin a new annual testing program to verify our water quality.

The City of Santa Cruz provides and tests our drinking water, and publishes an annual report about its work. While our residential campus does not have lead pipes in its water delivery system, it is possible for water that sits for long periods in non-lead pipes to absorb contaminants. As a way to confirm confidence in the quality of our drinking water, later this year we will begin testing drinking fountains, water refilling stations, faucets and other water sources at UC Santa Cruz facilities. If tests reveal any concerns, we will immediately take appropriate action. In any case, we will share the results of all testing.

Information on the water quality testing program and its results will be available on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

We want our community members to feel confident that the drinking water on campus continues to be safe. This new testing and information sharing program will help support and sustain that confidence.


Ed Reiskin
Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations, and Administration