Summer Session is launching Pay for Only 10

There’s great news for students hoping to put the heat on their degree progress this summer. 

Ahead of enrollment opening on May 1, this summer, all current and incoming UC undergraduates will only need to pay for up to 10 credits in summer tuition—no matter how many classes they take. Most summer courses are five credits, so students only pay for two classes, even if they take up to four or more!

“Many of our financial aid–eligible students already enroll in 10 credits to qualify for the generous Summer University Grant, “ said Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education and Global Engagement. “With this new option, they can add additional courses at no additional tuition cost. We hope to increase summer affordability, including allowing more students to live on campus to make degree progress.” 

UCSC students can get a summer grant estimate on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website. 

The Pay for 10 program includes in-person and online classes, as well as independent studies that include summer tuition. Online instruction continues to be a popular and flexible option for students, who can enroll in everything from math to music. The Pay for 10 program is extended to UC students who wish to join our Banana Slug community as summer-only students. 

With smaller class sizes and bigger savings, UC students can make this summer sizzle—by spending it getting closer to their degree.

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