Information about reporting abusive conduct in the workplace

Dear Campus Colleagues,

The University of California issued a new Presidential Policy that defines and prohibits Abusive Conduct in the Workplace, effective Jan 1, 2023.  This policy applies to all University of California employees, including student employees. 

Anyone may make a report alleging violations of the Abusive Conduct in the Workplace policy by sending an email to with a description of the abusive conduct.  Employees may also report abusive conduct to their manager or to any supervisor, who must immediately pass on the report to the applicable office (Employee and Labor Relations for staff employees and non-employee third parties, and the Academic Personnel Office for faculty and other academic appointees). 

If you have questions about the policy or the complaint process, please write to, and a staff member who is knowledgeable about these issues will respond.  


Patricia L. Hardaway
Staff Human Resources

Grace McClintock
Academic Personnel Office

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