Visits set for finalists for Dean of Physical and Biological Sciences

The finalists for the position of Dean of Physical and Biological Sciences will be on campus for two days each beginning Feb. 6 and ending Feb. 17. Campus leadership invites all in the UC Santa Cruz community to participate in the interview process and to provide feedback on the four candidates.

During their time on campus, candidates will meet with campus constituencies, giving a town hall talk, an academic talk, and taking part in a lunchtime forum with students. All UCSC faculty, staff and students are invited to attend these talks. Finalist schedules and links to the talks can be found on the Dean of Physical and Biological Sciences Recruitment webpage. Students must RSVP to attend the lunch session.

The name and details of each finalist will be released one week prior to the start of their interview. You will need to be signed in to your UCSC account to access this information. To respect candidate privacy and the integrity of the process, please do not share candidate names, curricula vitae, visit schedules, or related links outside of the campus community.

Click on the dates below for information about the finalists and their visits.

The Dean of Physical & Biological Sciences is a key position at UC Santa Cruz, as the division is a global engine of high-impact science and a driver of student research experiences. 

For more details about the recruitment process, visit the Dean of Physical and Biological Sciences Recruitment webpage. If you have specific questions not addressed on the site, contact Lauren Morgan, Senior Leader Human Resources Manager, at