Improving the student experience: aligning Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services within the Division of Student Affairs and Success

In an effort to improve the student experience, Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services (CHES) is moving from the Division of Finance, Operations, and Administration (FOA) to the Division of Student Affairs and Success (DSAS). 

Chancellor Cynthia Larive announced the decision Monday after careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation with many across campus, including senior leadership, CHES and DSAS leadership, and the Academic Senate.

Having DSAS as the administrative home for CHES makes sense for a number of reasons, most significant of which is the opportunity to improve the student experience, Larive said. “CHES oversees campus housing and dining as well as College Student Life, the co-curricular programming and events organized by each of the colleges. Integrating these student-focused CHES services with the other student affairs activities and programs currently in DSAS will allow the campus to holistically support students in ways that will enhance both student success and the student experience.”

Beginning Feb. 1, CHES Associate Vice Chancellor, Sue Matthews, will begin reporting to DSAS Vice Chancellor Akirah Bradley-Armstrong, and DSAS will begin to welcome all of CHES (students, staff, resources, and services) into the division. While CHES and DSAS have long collaborated across their respective divisions, by working as one division, they will now do so with renewed focus and partnership.

While this collaboration and realignment will begin taking effect this week, the full administrative transition will take place July 1, leaving ample time for the adjustment of backend processes to ensure a smooth transition. During the next five months, CHES, DSAS, and senior leadership will work toward this integration through the analysis of systems, policies, organizational culture, and more. 

Moving CHES to DSAS is in many ways a homecoming. In 2011, CHES was moved from the Division of Student Affairs to Business Administrative Services, the FOA forerunner. Bradley-Armstrong is excited about the realignment, “Reuniting CHES and DSAS resources and services under one student-centered philosophy will allow us to more effectively serve students by better meeting their needs and offering a truly transformational experience from admission to graduation.”

Amid her excitement, Bradley-Armstrong knows there are likely to be additional questions and considerations to contemplate as the transition finalizes. “We are committed to ensuring this realignment happens in a manner that is thoughtful. We are incredibly excited by the opportunity this realignment offers our students, staff, and the university as a whole. With CHES and DSAS united, the possibilities for advancing student success are limitless.”