Your guide to dining on campus in 2023

11 UCSC Dining locations plus a variety of vendors provide options all over campus


  • What’s open? Get to know your options for campus dining
  • Seven more UCSC Dining locations slated to open in 2023
  • Check real-time crowd levels before you go
  • Busy day? Grab lunch to-go 

What’s open? Get to know your options for campus dining

With the recent addition of a Perk Coffee Bar at Earth & Marine Sciences, UCSC Dining now has 11 locations operating across campus. All Dining-operated locations accept Slug Points, Flexi Dollars, and credit cards, and offer great discounts when you pay with Slug Points or Flexi$.

Other campus dining options include Ivéta Cafe, a rotating assortment of food trucks and pop-ups, and food pantries and other services available from the UCSC Basic Needs team.

For more information about locations, hours, and menus, visit

Seven more UCSC Dining locations slated to open in 2023

Plans are in the works for the opening of seven additional UCSC Dining-operated locations in 2023. During spring quarter, Dining is looking forward to opening several locations pending successful recruitment efforts—including a market in the Merrill College cafe space and a convenience store in the Bay Tree building at Quarry Plaza. Also slated for a spring opening is Terra Fresca Coffee Bar, located above the College Nine/John R. Lewis Dining Hall.

Renovation and expansion of the Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall is expected to be complete in time for a fall 2023 reopening. The Crown/Merrill Dining Hall is currently serving as Dining Services’ bakery—once the Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall is able to reopen, the bakery operation will return there, allowing Banana Joe’s to reopen at Crown. Phase I of the long-awaited Kresge College renewal project is also anticipated to finish by fall 2023, and will include the opening of Owl’s Nest cafe in Kresge C building.

Spring 2023:

  • Merrill Market
  • Slug Stop at Quarry Plaza
  • Terra Fresca Coffee Bar

Fall 2023:

  • Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall
  • Owl’s Nest
  • Banana Joe’s Grill & Market
  • Terra Fresca Restaurant

Check real-time crowd levels before you go

In a hurry? Students, faculty, and staff can check Waitz real-time crowd levels at all campus dining halls and Oakes Cafe. Check Waitz before heading out, and visit a less busy location if possible to save yourself some time. 

Find Waitz on the UCSC Dining locations web page,, or download the Waitz app to your iOS or Android device.

Busy day? Grab lunch to-go

Faculty, staff, and students—save a trip by picking up a grab-and-go sandwich or salad while you’re buying that morning coffee at Perk or a campus cafe. UCSC Catering Express grab-and-go items are available at Perk locations, Global Village Cafe, Stevenson Coffee House, and Porter Market. 

Want to save time when getting lunch from a dining hall? In addition to checking Waitz for current crowd levels, consider swinging by closer to 11:30 when lunch service begins, if your schedule allows. Ask the cashier for a to-go box and pack yourself a lunch to enjoy whenever you’re ready.

Wherever you pick it up, be sure to keep food cold until lunchtime by stowing it in an office or dorm fridge, or packing it in an insulated bag.