Comments are open for the Policy on Presidential Policies until March 16, 2023

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: The Policy Coordination Office

The University of California Office of the President invites comments on the proposed Presidential Policy on Developing and Maintaining Presidential Policies (“Policy on Policies”). 

The proposed substantive revisions include the following key provisions:

  • Updating the Policy name, scope, and summary to accurately reflect content; 
  • Adding and updating definitions for terms frequently used and removal of terms that are no longer used; 
  • Adding requirements such as: 
    • use of gender-neutral terms; 
    • cross-referencing of UC policies and laws for continued compliance and ease of maintenance; 
    • New Presidential Policies must be proposed through a Policy Review, developed in accordance with the Policy Development Process, and approved in accordance with the Presidential Policy Approval Process; 
    • all Presidential Policies must undergo a Policy Review every 5 years, or more frequently as necessary; 
    • a Compliance with Law Revision Process to handle changes to a policy that are for the purposes of law, rules, or regulations
    • rescinded Policies on the website must also include reference where current information can be found (if applicable);
    • policies must specify when a campus location delegation of authority is required, redelegatable and any restrictions on redelegations; 
    • Guidelines should be updated regularly to ensure the information remains current, useful, and in alignment with Presidential Policies
  • Adding responsibilities for the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), Policy Steering Committee (PSC), Stakeholders, and Required Reviewers.
  • Revising procedures to describe the action steps for accomplishing required tasks that have to be completed.
  • Additional editorial changes for readability and clarity.

The policy is available online

Comments may be sent to the Policy Coordination Office at by close of business March 16, 2023.