Community health guidance for fall and winter breaks

To: All UC Santa Cruz Students

From: Student Health Services

Dear UC Santa Cruz students,

As we look forward to the upcoming fall and winter breaks, we are writing to share guidance to  help our campus community mitigate the spread of influenza and COVID-19.

COVID-19 Break Testing Guidance

If you are traveling over fall break, we strongly encourage you to take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test before returning to campus, especially if you:

  • Develop symptoms 
  • Have known contact with a positive COVID case
  • Travel to an area where infection rates are high
  • Attend a high risk event 

Feeling sick? It could be COVID-19 or the flu. Stay home & away from others, take a COVID-19 test, and call your doctor if you have any symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, or sore throat.

If you test positive for COVID, please delay your return to campus and follow these COVID-19 Positive Test Result Instructions. Even if your COVID test is negative, do not return to campus if you have flu-like symptoms to help prevent the spread of flu in our community.

Where to pick up a Rapid Antigen Test 

Rapid Antigen Tests are available at the Amah Mutsun COVID testing site, Bay Tree Campus Store, college housing offices, as well as in the Affiliated Residential Community Housing (ARCH) offices. We encourage you to pick up a test before you leave for both the fall and winter breaks so you are prepared to test before your return to campus. Please note that on-campus PCR testing will not be available during fall break. Students remaining on campus over the break can get a rapid test on an as-needed basis. Contact the Resident/Neighborhood Assistant (RA/NA) on call or, during evening hours, a Community Safety Officer (CSO) to get one. 

Flu Vaccination Requirement 

As a reminder, at UC Santa Cruz, all students are required to receive or decline influenza vaccination by December 1, 2022

Campus Vaccination Clinics

Flu shots and the Moderna COVID-19 bivalent booster will be available to students at vaccination clinics on November 30 and December 1 at Stevenson Event Center. Appointments can be made on Health e-Messenger. Flu vaccination is free for students with UC SHIP ($25 for those with other insurances). COVID-19 vaccination is free for all students.

For off-campus, low- to no-cost vaccine options in your area, go to UC SHIP members can use their Optum pharmacy benefits at these locations.

Fall and winter breaks offer each of us the opportunity to rest and recharge amidst the fast pace of our quarter system. We hope each of you are able to enjoy the upcoming breaks. We thank you, in advance, for doing your part to promote community wellness.

In community, 

Student Health Services