Frequently Asked Questions

Read frequently asked questions about fall 2022 grading

What is happening?

The University of California is currently in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) regarding four separate academic bargaining units: Postdoctoral Scholars, Academic Researchers, Academic Student Employees (teaching assistants/readers/tutors), and Graduate Student Researchers.

UC’s primary goal in these negotiations is multiyear agreements that recognize these employees’ important and highly valued contributions to UC’s teaching and research mission with fair pay, quality health and family-friendly benefits, and a supportive and respectful work environment.

UC believes its offers are generous, responsive to union priorities, and recognize the many valuable contributions of these employees. UC’s proposals include pay increases, expanded paid leaves, increased family support and child care benefits for postdoctoral scholars, ASEs, and GSRs, and full coverage of all campus fees for eligible ASEs and GSRs. This is in addition to full UC coverage for tuition, healthcare, and student services for eligible ASEs and GSRs.

Throughout negotiations, UC has listened carefully to UAW priorities with an open mind and a genuine willingness to compromise. Negotiations are progressing, and many tentative agreements have been reached on key issues such as a respectful work environment and health and safety matters. UC is committed to continuing to negotiate in good faith and reaching full agreements as soon as possible.


How is UC Santa Cruz responding to the strike?

Working closely with the University of California Office of the President, we are seeking to ensure the continuity of learning and research and keep our campus community informed and updated about the strike.

These are systemwide contracts, and the UC Office of the President has worked hard to try to reach agreements with the union’s leadership for all four bargaining units. UC’s latest proposals, which reflect genuine responsiveness to union concerns related to compensation and benefits, show the university to be bargaining in good faith and working to address the most important issues raised during negotiations.

Academic Researchers, Postdoctoral Scholars, Graduate Student Researchers and Academic Student Employees are all valued members of the UCSC community and play important roles in supporting the University’s mission. We support the right of these employees to strike, and the campus is also taking steps to sustain the continuity of its research and instructional operations in the event a strike cannot be avoided. The Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning is providing a range of support and information for instructors.

You can learn more online about the proposals UC has passed at each of these bargaining tables.

What is the University of California’s response to the UAW’s allegations of unlawful behavior?

The UAW alleges that the University of California has engaged in unlawful behavior, which is not true. Throughout the negotiations, UC has listened carefully to the union’s concerns and bargained in good faith, as illustrated by the many tentative agreements reached thus far including on topics underlying the UAW’s allegations. Despite these unfounded claims, UC remains committed to continuing its good faith efforts to reach agreements with UAW as quickly as possible.