CruzFly system implementation update

CruzFly is UCSC’s Travel and Expense Management system, powered by Chrome River. It is an online application used for Travel & Entertainment reconciliation of Corporate Travel & Entertainment (CTE) Card Expenses.

CruzFly replaces the CTE Travel & Entertainment Reconciliation form (TERF) and the Entertainment Reporting Addendum (ERA) form and provides an electronic solution for the reconciliation of CTE Card statements.

CruzFly is now being used across campus by more than 75% of the UCSC CTE Cardholders.  Rollout of the system is being done per business unit, with the expectation that all CTE Cardholders will be using CruzFly by March 2023. CTE Cardholders will continue to use the existing TERF process until their business unit has been rolled into CruzFly.

In the future, functionality will be added to the CruzFly system to allow processing of Out of Pocket Reimbursements as well. This is planned to occur after the CruzFly system for CTE Card Reconciliation has been rolled out to all campus units. Until that occurs, the Post Travel Expense Form should be submitted for all Out of Pocket Reimbursements.

For more information about CruzFly, please refer to the CruzFly Guide.

Corporate Travel and Entertainment (CTE) Cards

CTE Cards are the preferred method of payment for employee travel and entertainment related purchases. With the launch of CruzFly, CTE Card reconciliation is fast and convenient for the cardholder and unit approvers. Please visit the Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card page for links to information that will help guide you through the process of obtaining and using a CTE Card.

Get trained before you travel

Travel Training consists of reviewing the Travel Process Page including Key Tips for UCSC Travelers, a walkthrough of the Travel Guide, how to navigate and use Connexxus (the UC-wide Travel Program), and instructions on filling out the Travel Advance Request and Post-Travel Expense forms (for units that have not transitioned to CruzFly). The last 10 minutes are used for Q&A to address any specific questions that trainees may have.

Please visit the Travel Training page for the schedule of training dates and enrollment form.