Anthem Blue Cross - Stanford Health contract termination notice - September 1, 2022

To: Enrollees in UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan w/ HSA and Core medical

From: UC Santa Cruz Staff Human Resources Benefits Office

UC Santa Cruz was notified that negotiations on a continuing contract between Anthem Blue Cross and Stanford Health failed to result in an agreement. Negotiations between Anthem Blue Cross and Stanford Health are on-going. However, since an agreement has not been reached before the contract expiration date, Stanford Health is terminated from Anthem Blue Cross's network effective September 1, 2022.

The following is a listing of alternative in-network facilities:

Terminating Hospital

Alternate Hospitals

Stanford Medical Center

  • El Camino Hospital
  • Mills Health Center
  • Sequoia Hospital
  • St. Rose Hospital
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital -San Francisco
  • UCSF Medical Center

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital 

  • Eden Medical Center
  • El Camino Hospital Los Gatos
  • El Camino Hospital
  • Mills Health Center
  • Mills Peninsula Medical Center
  • O’Connor Hospital
  • Regional Medical Center of San Jose
Anthem Blue Cross administers the following health plans for University of California: UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan with HSA, CORE medical. These health plans, carried by Anthem Blue Cross, are known collectively as the UC PPO plans.

If you or a family member receives medical services from Stanford Health, unless or until Stanford Health and Anthem Blue Cross can come to mutual agreement, services received on or after 09/01/2022 at Stanford Health will be covered Out-of-Network (OON). Members of UC PPO plans may wish to seek healthcare from in-network providers. Because contract negotiations between Stanford Health and Anthem Blue Cross continue, the University of California is not providing an option to change medical plans at this time.

Anthem Health Guides are informed of the Anthem - Stanford contract status and members can find help with UC PPO plan questions by calling Anthem at 1-844-437-0486. In-Network and OON cost-sharing varies by UC PPO medical plan. UC PPO plan coverage details are on the UC PPO plans page (no log-in necessary); then, select your UC PPO plan, go to the Menu and select “About the...Plan” to view “What You Pay For Care”.  UC PPO plan details are also available on UC Net, the homepage for University of California system-wide compensation and benefit programs.

If you would like to keep informed on developments, please fill out this form and the UC Santa Cruz Benefits office will notify you of any new information.