Annual notice on employees responsible for reporting sexual violence or sexual harassment

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Anna Finn, Associate Chancellor & Chief of Staff, Interim AVC for Equity and Equal Protection

UC Santa Cruz strives to create an equitable environment for students, staff, and faculty. The Title IX Office plays a critical role by fostering a campus climate in which members of our community are protected from all forms of sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender-based harassment and discrimination. Sexual violence and sexual harassment have no place on our campus. Ensuring prevention and appropriate referral of all allegations is a shared responsibility and we are grateful to all of you who have collaborated, consulted, and supported this work.

The goal of the Title IX Office at UC Santa Cruz is to serve as a support resource for students, staff, and faculty who may have experienced sexual violence and sexual harassment, and sex-based discrimination. 

Responsible Employee Are Required to Report 

Most employees—with the exception of  confidential employees (Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), CARE, & Employee Assistance Program (EAP), are required to report to the Title IX Office if they learn about sexual violence or sexual harassment which involves a student. Supervisors and managers, faculty, HR and Academic Personnel administrators, and campus police must also report if they learn that a university affiliate may have experienced possible misconduct under the SVSH Policy. We have an online reporting form that you can use to fulfill your reporting responsibilities, receive confirmation of your report, and ensure that we can respond quickly. Our office is more than happy to meet with you for a consultation if you have any questions or concerns. 

Employee Support 

The Title IX Office is not an emergency response organization, but does respond quickly to reports, can provide safety and supportive measures as needed, and can work with the complainant to determine how to proceed. By reporting to the Title IX Office, you help us connect with parties that are in need of resources and support, and provide us with important information for addressing safety concerns on campus.

We encourage staff and faculty to reach out for support. The Title IX Office is a resource for staff and faculty as well as students. You can report to the Title IX Office to receive support or to assist others in gaining support from our office. Our ultimate goal is to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for learning, teaching, research, and working. You can find more information about resources and options on our website here


Anna Finn