Communications and Marketing launches improved campus photo library

The Office of Communications & Marketing is excited to share a new and improved campus photo library, which includes major improvements in photo discovery, search, and curation, and more than 200 new images of faculty, staff, and students.

The enhanced photo library, now powered by Canto, requires users of the previous photo library to create a new account, though it should only take a few minutes. To create a new account, go to and click “Register Now.” You will need to register with your email. If you are working with anyone outside of UCSC, then they will need to request access from Communications and Marketing before they can register. Please email Carolyn Lagattuta at

Once you are logged in, you’ll notice enhancements that include:

  • Improved search—the new library features object detection which creates smart tags based on what is in each image. Need a photo of our redwoods? Just search for trees. Additionally, we are continuing to add additional tags to photos to support successful image searches. 
  • Better organization—We’ve created a better system for sorting by creating three broad buckets that include: People, Places, & Activities. 
  • Ability to search for specific people—we have the ability to tag people with their names so you can seach individuals and click the tag to find other photos of that person. 
  • Easy to access upload links so others in our community can submit photos to be included in the library, and so much more! 

The photo library now includes more than 2,500 photos with more than 250 new pictures. Communications and Marketing will continue to take and add more photos in the year ahead.