Meet UC Santa Cruz's 2023 alumni council

Introducing new Alumni Council President, John Madrid, and welcoming seven new councilors

From left to right: John Madrid, Meredith Vivian Turner, Shelly Meron, Christy Martin, Judith Gutierrez, Sareil Brookins, Armando Flores, Gardenia Guerrero, Mario Enrique Galdamez, David B. Hansen, Annapoorna (Anna) Gururajan, Walter M. Joyce, Shonté Thomas, Claudine Lim, Jessica Lum, Moses Massenburg, Juliet Musso, Julia Silverman Schechter, Dom Siababa, Susan Tappero, Corinne Kappeler, Max Ortiz, Brian Turner, Kevin Volkan, April Yee. 

UC Santa Cruz alumnus John Madrid (Oakes ’98, language studies) has dedicated countless hours over the course of about twenty years as an alumni volunteer. His work through the alumni council has helped reconnect alumni with each other and their university. 

Now as the newly appointed president of UCSC’s alumni council, along with seven newly appointed councilors, Madrid and his team will continue to foster meaningful connections with fellow alumni and work towards their goals of ramping up UCSC alumni engagement around the globe.

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be the next president of the alumni council,” Madrid said. “I am excited and grateful to get to work with the alumni engagement office and an incredibly talented and committed group of alumni councilors.”

Madrid previously served on the alumni council, the governing board of the UCSC alumni association from 2007 to 2014, and rejoined the council in 2019. He most recently served as the Executive Vice President. Madrid has also chaired the nominations committee, served on the scholarship committee, and the chancellor’s advisory council on campus climate, culture and inclusion from 2010 to 2012.

Current Alumni Council President Meredith Vivian Turner will continue to serve on the executive committee stepping into the role of past president, as Madrid took on the role of president as of July 1.  

“I'm thrilled to see John as the next council president,” Vivian Turner said. “His many years of service on the council, combined with his thoughtful, even-keeled disposition, will serve the board and campus well as we collectively work to elevate the role and impact of alumni.”

Madrid said he enjoys giving back to the campus that helped to shape his life. 

“I just had such a great experience at UC Santa Cruz,” Madrid said. “I very much had an affinity for the school and the campus, and volunteering really is a way for me to give back to the university.” 

Madrid graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1998 with a B.A. in language studies and returned to the Los Angeles area, where he grew up. After a couple of years, he found himself drawn to UCSC’s Los Angeles regional chapter, which hosted dozens of events in the LA area. He soon started volunteering with the chapter in 2002, and was elected Treasurer of the LA chapter in 2004. 

Since graduating from UCSC, Madrid has worked in the information technology field for multiple financial institutions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Currently, Madrid is the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology for American Business Bank.

“Santa Cruz is a very special place, and the people are special as well,” Madrid said. “I get to be in connection with both the campus and the people, and that symbiotic relationship is what makes me want to do volunteer work.” 


UC Santa Cruz is grateful for the Alumni Councilors leadership and support. Alumni voices make a difference. Meet your Alumni Councilors:


Newly elected councilors who began their volunteer service July 1, 2022: Armando Flores (Stevenson ’15, politics); Gardenia Guerrero (Oakes ’21, sociology and LALS); Annapoorna (Anna) Gururajan (Oakes ’15, molecular, cell and developmental biology); Jessica Lum (Rachel Carson ’09, environmental studies and economics); Moses Massenburg (John R. Lewis ’11, sociology); Shonté Thomas (Rachel Carson ’99, politics); Kevin Volkan (Kresge ’81, biology).   

Returning Councilors: Shelly Meron (Stevenson ’05, history and journalism); Christy Martin (Rachel Carson ’88, computer and information science); Judith Gutierrez (Rachel Carson ’18, politics); Meredith Vivian Turner (Rachel Carson ’09, history), Sareil Brookins (Stevenson ‘19, psychology and critical race and ethnic studies); Mario Enrique Galdamez (Merrill ’06, politics and LALS); David B. Hansen (Oakes ’76, politics); Walter M. Joyce (Cowell ’67, literature); Corinne Kappeler (Kresge ’11, sociology and film and digital media);  Claudine Lim (Cowell ’14, history); Jessica Lum (Rachel Carson ’09, environmental studies and economics); Juliet Musso (Cowell ’82, psychology); Max Ortiz (Cowell ’09, politics); Julia Silverman Schechter (Stevenson ’83, politics); Dom Siababa (Merrill ’75, sociology); Susan Tappero (Ph.D. and M.A. mathematics); Brian Turner (Cowell ’04, legal studies); April Yee (Oakes ‘02, American studies and psychology).


If you are interested in applying to serve on the alumni council in the future, please contact the UCSC alumni association.