A new maintenance and service request app, CruzFix, goes live May 2

To: UCSC Community

From: Public Affairs

UCSC’s Physical Planning, Development, and Operations (PPDO) and Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES) are thrilled to announce a new online platform for facility and asset management. In a quest for efficiency, innovation and collaboration, CruzFix will be available to the campus community on May 2, 2022, replacing two separate systems previously known as FAMIS Classic and FixIt. 

Campus team members have diligently been working to interface with financial and space campus systems to provide a better user experience to staff who maintain campus facilities, and to faculty and students that utilize and reside on campus facilities. 

CruzFix is a maintenance and service request app, enabling repair, maintenance and service requests to be submitted via a mobile app or desktop when an issue is discovered. All will also have access to real-time status updates on work order requests, alleviating the need to call the work order desk for progress updates.

Further details and instructions for the new platform can be found at https://ppc.ucsc.edu/cruzfix/ or https://ches.ucsc.edu/cruzfix/. Beginning May 2, 2022, all can download the CruzFix mobile app, and view additional video resources and guides. Questions or concerns can also be directed to cruzfixhelp@ucsc.edu.