Information about Ramadan at UCSC

To: UCSC Students

From: Information about Ramadan at UCSC

Many members of our campus community will be observing Ramadan through fasting, prayer, community gatherings, and friendship over the next month. This message is intended to provide our campus community with information about observing and celebrating Ramadan. 

Dining Options: UCSC Dining Services is now offering the Spring 30 meal plan for students who are observing Ramadan. This meal plan is ideal for 5- or 7-day meal plan holders who would be using the Dining Halls less frequently during this month. Learn about the Spring 30 meal plan.

There will be increased Halal food options at all of the Late Night Dining Halls, as well as access to date palms for students to break their fast with. Learn more about Dining Services offerings during Ramadan. Late Night Dining begins at 8pm. Students may also choose to apply their Spring 30 plan during dinner service (before 8pm). It is important to keep track of your 30 meal swipes as to not exceed your allocated meals during the month. Those with meal plans can request a “Ramadan breakfast box” at the dining hall the night before to take out food for suhoor. There will be a variety of items available at breakfast such as hard-boiled eggs, cereal, oatmeal, bagels, yogurt, whole fruit and dates. 

Available Spaces for Prayer: For individual daily prayers, students may access the reflection center on the first floor of the Bay Tree Building. In addition, the Sentinel Room in the University Center (above the Colleges 9/John Lewis Dining Hall) will be available from 7:00pm to 11:00pm from now until May 2nd. Dates and water will be available outside the room. We ask that participants not access other areas of the facility with the exception of the restrooms. 

Testing Accommodations: Via the UCSC registrar policy website:

“Given the diversity of religious practice within the campus community, academic and administrative units are encouraged to make reasonable accommodations when the schedule of a required campus event conflicts with an individual’s religious creed. It is the official policy of the University of California, Santa Cruz, to accommodate, without penalty, requests for alternate test or examination times in cases where the scheduled time for the test or examination violates a student’s religious creed, unless the request cannot be reasonably accommodated.”

Programming: The UCSC Muslim Student Association (MSA) will be holding events to educate and engage the campus community during Ramadan. For more information on the different events, please

Ramadan Mubarak,