Russian invasion of Ukraine - Supporting our community

Dear UC Santa Cruz Community, 

Over the past week, we have closely followed the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and we join the international community in condemning this unprovoked attack. The loss of human life and displacement of citizens are deeply troubling. Our hearts go out to everyone in harm’s way and our greatest wish is for the return of peace.

We know that members of our community have personal and professional connections with Ukraine, Ukrainians, and many others who are now unexpectedly in peril.  Images and news accounts of the fighting and destruction are terrifying and heartbreaking, difficult to encounter and process.  If you or someone you know needs support, we encourage you to take advantage of the free campus resources available. 

Community always comes first at UC Santa Cruz. Please check in with one another and take time to share space together. We are always stronger together.

Take care, 
Cindy and Lori

Cindy Larive

Lori Kletzer
Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor