Condemnation of anti-Black and antisemitic graffiti

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Cindy Larive Chancellor and Lori Kletzer Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Overnight, Crown and Merrill Colleges were defaced with anti-Black, antisemitic, and white-supremacist graffiti. The spray-painted images and words are horrific and have historically been used to inspire terror and to degrade and dehumanize Black and Jewish people. These symbols have taken on broader white supremacist meanings in the 21st century and have also been used against many communities of color. We resolutely condemn this crime.

The UC Santa Cruz Police Department initiated an investigation as soon as the crime was reported. UCSC PD requests the community's help in the ongoing investigation. If you have any information, please contact the UCSC Police Department by calling 831-459-2231, ext. 1.

We encourage our community to reach out for support. In addition to support services offered by staff in our colleges and resource centersincluding the African American Resource and Cultural Center, Counseling and Psychological Services provides assistance for students. Santa Cruz Hillel is another source for support. For employees, the Employee Assistance Program can provide counseling and support.

As a community and a country we must continue to work together to reject racism and all expressions of hate. We will continue to do this work and to recognize that the strength of our community is grounded in our common humanity.