Campus Fire Safety and Awareness

To: UCSC Community

From: Nick Otis, Director of Emergency Services and Campus Fire Marshal

Firefighters have extinguished two wildfires on our campus in the past six days. With the current dry conditions, the threat of fire on our campus is high and potentially devastating. Anyone who smells smoke or sees a fire should call 911 immediately. 

If you encounter first responders with lights or sirens activated, please yield and make way. Doing so will ensure they are able to respond to any call without delay. 

As a reminder, under California law, “unlawfully causing a fire that recklessly sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned, any structure, forest land or property is a felony punishable with both imprisonment and fines.”

Each year in California, wildland and vegetation fires destroy thousands of acres and hundreds of homes. Please remain vigilant to our current fire risk and take appropriate precautions.

Wildfire safety is a shared responsibility among students, staff, and faculty. For more information please visit our Wildfire Awareness webpage.

This message was sent to all students, staff, and faculty.