February 17th Staff Forum with CP/EVC

To: UCSC Staff

From: Staff Advisory Board

We hope this email finds you and your family safe and well, despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. The Staff Advisory Board seeks to continue supporting staff by amplifying your voices to campus leadership. The upcoming forum will be with CP/EVC Lori Kletzer. We are grateful for the opportunity to make your voices heard. Mark your calendars for February 17th at noon (registration is not required).

12 - 1 PM

In order to allow for as many questions as possible to be addressed within the limited time, we are soliciting questions ahead of time via the Google form linked below. In addition to having this form be available for the weeks leading up to the forum, it will also replace the chat feature as the means for collecting questions during the event. 

As the CP/EVC, Dr. Kletzer focuses on the academic enterprise of the university. Questions about learning modalities, academic units' staffing levels, or how to better prepare faculty members who become staff supervisors are all examples of topics that may come up. If you have questions you would like to have asked during the forum, please submit questions/feedback here.

Or, you can copy/paste this URL https://forms.gle/5KFqptjw8Av3DFCy8 in your browser.

Note: though you must be signed into your UCSC email account, we are not collecting identifying information.

For the best chance of your question being addressed in the forum, we encourage you to submit your questions before the event, rather than during the event. 

The forum will be recorded and available after the event. Answers to unanswered questions from the Fall forum are also now available on our website. We look forward to engaging with many of you on February 17th. 

If you have further concerns or questions, please reach out to the Staff Advisory Board at any time: ucscsab@ucsc.edu