Resources for dealing with unplanned disruptions to instruction

Dear Colleagues,

Now that we’ve completed the first week of instruction, we are hoping that the rest of the quarter progresses as normally as possible. All the same, as we have seen in recent years unplanned events can occur, leading to disruptions to instruction. Many in our community are already experiencing intermittent power outages, as well as the need to stay at home due to illness or quarantine, and a variety of situations, from weather to protest activities, can make the campus inaccessible. In case there are disruptions to your planned teaching activities, the Teaching During Unplanned Events webpage has been revamped to provide centralized resources and guidance, which may be useful for you if you need to quickly shift modalities for delivering your classes. This page can be useful if you anticipate a disruption, or if you encounter an unanticipated obstacle to your existing teaching plans on any given day.


Lori Kletzer 
Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor