Campus review of major revisions to the policy on events providing alcoholic beverages

To: UCSC Community

From: Sarah Latham Vice Chancellor Business and Administrative Services, and Marie Logan, Director, Operations & Strategic Initiatives

The campus welcomes comments on the proposed major revisions to the campus-specific
policy on university events that provide alcoholic beverages.

The draft policy refocuses on clarity and simplification by introducing the following:

● Reorganized and revised policy text;
● updated policy name and number reflect Business and Administrative Services
● introduced new terms: Open Events, Closed Events;
● redefined roles and responsibilities, added information on events with ticket or
admission fees;
● updated server requirements;
● removal of the advertisement restriction, advance approval, and Appendix A;
● and the addition of a flowchart.

This proposed policy is available online.

If no substantial feedback is received, the policy will be finalized and published to Comments may be submitted to the Policy Coordination Office at by close of business November 19, 2021.