Systemwide review of Sustainable Practices Policy

To: UCSC Community

From: Sarah Latham Vice Chancellor Business and Administrative Services, and Elida Erickson Sustainability Director

The University of California Office of the President invites comments on the proposed updates to the
existing Presidential Policy on Sustainable Practices. The proposed revisions address the following key

· Green Building Design: The updates to this policy section align with industry practice by providing
an option for building design teams to further customize their use of energy efficiency performance
targets for laboratory buildings. The updates also specify a reporting procedure for the existing policy
requirement for energy-efficient new buildings.

· Climate Protection: First, this policy section is revised to add criteria addressing concerns around
the quality of potential carbon offsets that locations may purchase to meet greenhouse gas emissions
reduction goals. Historically, no constraints have been in place for the purchase of offsets. Second,
consistent with the expanded, more comprehensive, and inclusive mission of the Carbon Neutrality
Initiative and in response to input from many faculty and students, campus climate action plans that
have previously focused exclusively on emissions reductions will be required to also integrate
environmental justice, adaptation, and resilience. Third, in response to some confusion regarding
whether the policy would allow locations to increase greenhouse gas emissions after meeting the 2020
emissions target, the revisions clarify that greenhouse gas emissions reductions should be maintained
after the 2020 target date.

· Sustainable Transportation: Technological advances in zero-emission vehicles and new State policy
goals for zero-emission vehicles led to a need and opportunity to update the fleet goals in this policy
section. Secondly, changes in work and commuting patterns during the pandemic created an opportunity
and need for campus sustainable transportation programs to promote telecommuting opportunities.

· Sustainable Water Systems: Updated the section to make it easier to read and removed expired
dates and details that are already regulatory requirements.

· Sustainability at UC Health: Some health locations had not yet adopted waste and water reduction
goals. All health locations will now have the same waste and water reduction goals.
The policy is available to view online.

Comments may be submitted to the Policy Coordination Office at by close of business
December 14, 2021.