NOAA awards recognize scientists in Fisheries Collaborative Program

Elliott Hazen
Steven Bograd
Michael Jacox

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded its prestigious Bronze Award to three researchers affiliated with the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) at UC Santa Cruz. These awards recognize the important research contributions of scientists in the Fisheries Collaborative Program, which brings together UCSC and NOAA scientists to conduct research for the conservation and management of California’s living marine resources.

The Department of Commerce Bronze Medals recognize superior performance and are the highest honor that can be granted by the Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere.

The 2021 Bronze Award winners in the Scientific or Engineering Achievement category included two UCSC affiliates recognized “for major advances in linking environmental variability to groundfish recruitment on the West Coast”: Michael Jacox, a project scientist in the IMS Fisheries Collaborative Program, and Steven Bograd, a researcher in the IMS Fisheries Collaborative Program and adjunct professor of ocean sciences at UCSC.

Elliott L. Hazen, a researcher in the IMS Fisheries Collaborative Program and assistant adjunct professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCSC, was recognized “for outstanding leadership in developing dynamic ocean management tools to maintain sustainable and healthy marine ecosystems and reduce bycatch.”

The honorees will be recognized at a virtual ceremony this fall.